Sofie Schop

My name is Sofie Schop. I am the founder and owner of STUDIO SCHOP. I am an optimist by nature and focus on living the good life by surrounding myself with wonderful people, my animals and great food. To me the good life also means taking care of each other. Care for the world I live in, combined with my lust for life, translate easily in a professional sustainability focus.

When I started my career, I visited a factory in one of the main fashion production countries. I was baffled to see people working bare feet in dirty dyes all day, close to open chemical storage. After that first factory visit, I did not only understand, but also felt the sense of urgency to bring care back into doing business. At the end of the day producing clothes (or anything else) should not endanger the health of people who make them, or harm nature.

What drives me

After 15 years of sustainability work in the fashion industry, I launched STUDIO SCHOP in 2020 to meet the increasing demand for hands-on sustainability support at leadership level. The decision to start STUDIO SCHOP originates from three core personal drivers, as I am:

  1. Convinced about the need for, and value of sustainable business models.
  2. Determined to help transform individual businesses and the broader industry.
  3. Dedicated to make this happen by using my own sustainability expertise and experience to help others accelerate their efforts and impact, while ensuring commercial prosperity.

Through STUDIO SCHOP I support clients with their sustainability journey, ambitions and challenges, by offering my in-depth strategic sustainability knowledge, communications background, large network, and experience in different types of organizations and leadership roles.