Interim Management

Are you looking for capacity or in-depth holistic sustainability knowledge? Do you seek immediate access to the sustainability community, or do you want to set-up your sustainability department as soon as possible?

Sofie Schop is available for short and long-term interim management roles

  • (Interim) Manage your sustainability department and activities, as maternity leave replacement, temporary management of a new or existing team, manager of sustainability efforts without a team.
  • Determine what is needed in your organization and set-up the structure and capacity required for your sustainability journey.
  • Launch a new sustainability department or approach.


What to expect of interim-management support by Sofie Schop

I can help to set up, lead and/or activate your own global sustainability department.

In my former role of Sustainability Director I led an international team of experts, as direct-report to the CEO. I collaborated closely with other departments, supply chain partners and initiatives. Together with my team I achieved key milestones and goals and created a 10 year company strategy.

I initiated an internal ambassador community to engage global staff. As official company spokesperson I shared and discussed progress with media and other key stakeholders.

I can do this for your company too, on a short-term or long-term contractor basis.

Interested? Contact Sofie Schop to discuss what you need and how I can facilitate you in this process.