Defining Sustainability

Development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs .

Brundtland Commission, 1987

This definition of sustainable development forms the foundation for work of STUDIO SCHOP. For STUDIO SCHOP sustainable business means that:

Companies organize themselves in such a way that allows them to be profitable and continuously improve their impact on people and planet, enabling them to make a positive contribution to our eco-system through their business.

STUDIO SCHOP definition of sustainable business

The Brundlandt definition is also the starting point for the global framework for international cooperation: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations defined 17 universal Sustainable Development Goals to be globally adopted in 2030. Examples are:

  • No poverty (#1)
  • Gender equality (#5)
  • Decent work and economic growth (#8)
  • Responsible consumption and production (#12)
  • Climate action (#13)

According to the United Nations “the goals will mobilize efforts around the world to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind” (SDG Guidelines AUG 2019, p.3). Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals here.

STUDIO SCHOP supports the Sustainable Development Goals, and can help to align your efforts, progress, impact and reporting with these targets. Want to learn more?